pet ME


Pets are animals that have been raised by humans. This means they are catered for and cared for by humans. As a result, they develop a special bond with their owners and are often treated as part of the family. Pets are usually considered to be the companion animals. They are the animals that are present in the house to love and take care of the humans. Human beings are unique creatures. We are the only species that are capable of bonding with other living beings. This ability is called “domestication” and was developed by human beings since early times. When domesticated animals were born, they were looked after and raised by their human parents. The history of pets dates back to ancient times!

Pet Me is a blog that covers everything related to Pets and their relationship with their Human Parents, this includes but not limited to: Dogs Training, Dogs Grooming, Cats Grooming, Pets Psychology, Human-Pets Bonding, Pets Breeding, Pets Adoption, Various Dogs Breeds, Various Cats Species and Other Types of Pets.